2 Factor Authentication

Everybody talks about implementing or requiring 2 Factor Authentication. Often 2FA usage ends at the login procedure, but it is much more versatile when integrated directly into business applications. Finding 2FA tokens that are secure, small and adaptable to the use case turned out to be rather difficult. We partnered with NagraID to provide what we could not find anywhere else. Please check our online shop OTP.to for a secure, easy to use and beautiful 2FA token solution.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Technology is progressing faster than ever. The growing amount of data and complex systems in businesses is a major challenge for the future. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Networks (NN) hidden details can be revealed and business processes streamlined. We are well versed in currently available frameworks and maintain the independent research project ACME.ai. Our consulting services will help you to evaluate your business needs on a vendor neutral basis.

Risk analysis

In the age of the cloud risks sneak up on businesses at an unprecedented rate. Finding the right balance between outsourcing and in-house operations can be a challenging task. We help you to identify risks and translate them into real world numbers that help you to make an informed decision.

Payment Card Industries (PCI) DSS audit support

We have more than 10 years of experience helping our clients to pass PCI DSS audits. Our services are independent, vendor neutral and not white washed.

Conference talks

You are looking for an interesting and entertaining conference talk about various topics that are influenced by information technology today? Our experience with large and small audiences will add valuable content to your event. A exhaustive list of topics and references is available on request by sending us an email.